May 13, 2015


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May 13, 2015



May 13, 2015

Morning Sketch of the Day.


Sep 25, 2014

The Carnival Comic for George Ireland

Here is one page from the comic I have been working on for George, now the painful part, coloring this beast. I love the look of color, and always picture everything i do in color, so it is a necessary evil, but man, it sure does take a long time. Roughly double the time it takes to script, pencil and letter a page. I will post some color pages as soon as they are done. The bonus is that here i posted the page upside-down.


May 27, 2014

The Dusted graphic novel, coming soon…

hanknlilycomiccollage copy

I realized i should perhaps talk about the comic series i have been working on for the past ten years. It will culminate in the epic graphic novel ‘Hank Pine and Lily Fawn: Dusted’ to be completed in the fall.

To celebrate the completion of this story arc, ‘The Road to New Orleans’ the plan is for a Hank and Lily collection of the 7 issues and their soundtrack albums all in one tidy, slick package. Of course ‘Dusted’ will have its own album, and will be a collection of some of our most popular unreleased songs, as well as a full set of new, avant-garde noise-rock anthems.

All very exciting, and worth mentioning.

May 28, 2013

Comic Pages for George Ireland

Jan 28, 2013

Luke the Drifter, a syndicated comic strip by Hank Pine.

Apr 2, 2012

Comic Cover for new Hank and Lily Comic ‘Crank City’! Available this summer!

Feb 19, 2012

Weekly comics for your workplace. Unless your workplace is uptight, in which case, email this website address to yourself and look at it alone at home at 3 am. and laugh.

funny cuz it’s true my friends.

May 30, 2011

The Cardboard Sentinel

Jim built this amazing cardboard robot (I helped) for the comic book themed cabaret show put on by Atomic Vaudeville last week. It is a fully functioning puppet with fingers that could close around a whole person, in this case, me and Jimbo, but during the show, Wolverine.

Excelsior! This one is purely for the geeks.

May 2, 2011

North America cover

Made with Max Licht at

I heard a song off this album on the radio today, and remembered how hard we worked on it; a 30-person choir, a string section, horns! There are no songs off of North America on this website, but if you check out the
page you can access the songs and some of the art.

May 13, 2015



May 13, 2015

Morning Sketch of the Day.


Apr 16, 2015

Poster for Ball Gag’s Big Show


Apr 10, 2014

Album Art for Sinner’s Tonic


This is the album cover for a band from Oakland, CA. I know we all could use some Sinner’s Tonic. Does it make you sin, or absolve you? Either way…

Mar 13, 2014

Poster for upcoming Kitt and Jane Fringe Theater tour


Feb 6, 2014

Album Art for The Revival


Dec 7, 2013

Video Game Character

From the forthcoming 8-bit-esque “Hank Pine vs. The Oppressive Oligarchy of Obsolescence” video game.

hankgamepiece copy

Oct 22, 2013

Poster Art

The nice folk from Vault Magazine made my art into giant posters for a Hank and Lily show. Here is a friend, and then me in front of me. MEta.

Sep 9, 2013

Robot Space Love

a commission piece for Todd Lacharite’s collection of collectable cards.

May 12, 2013

Polly Perfect and the Tragic Fart

Here are some black and white illustrations I did for a children’s book with writer Jacob Richmond. I say children’s book, but truly, a moral tale for all of us; Your comeuppance is hinged tightly to your fallibility as a farting creature.

You can purchase the book here:

Apr 5, 2011

Beyond the Black Rainbow trailer

Here is the trailer for the movie directed by Panos Cosmatos that I did the storyboards for.
You can check them out on the storyboard page.

Jul 11, 2010

Beyond the Black Rainbow

In 2009 I did the storyboards for a feature film by director Panos Cosmatos. It involved literally thousands of drawings, making for a very rewarding, but very involved job. The movie is about…well, it’s best if you just go see it whenever it plays in your town. Panos said he was very pleased with the results, and that my storyboards were invaluable, and that is all that matters.

Featured here is a fairly simple scene where the main character, Elena, awakens the sentionaut. What is a sentionaut? Go see the movie!

Jun 29, 2010

Take You Apart Music Video



This storyboard was for the animated video for ‘We Can Take You Apart’ currently still in production. As I well know from my animated works, animation takes a really, really really long time.