May 13, 2015



May 13, 2015


May 13, 2015

Morning Sketch of the Day.


Apr 16, 2015

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Apr 16, 2015

Poster for Ball Gag’s Big Show


Apr 16, 2015

Mack the Knife demo for the Threepenny Opera


I recently got hired to be the music director for Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill’s ‘Threepenny Opera’. I will also be performing as the street singer, which means i get to sing a few of the classic songs, including, of course, Mack the Knife.

mack the knife 4

Sep 25, 2014

The Carnival Comic for George Ireland

Here is one page from the comic I have been working on for George, now the painful part, coloring this beast. I love the look of color, and always picture everything i do in color, so it is a necessary evil, but man, it sure does take a long time. Roughly double the time it takes to script, pencil and letter a page. I will post some color pages as soon as they are done. The bonus is that here i posted the page upside-down.


May 27, 2014

The Dusted graphic novel, coming soon…

hanknlilycomiccollage copy

I realized i should perhaps talk about the comic series i have been working on for the past ten years. It will culminate in the epic graphic novel ‘Hank Pine and Lily Fawn: Dusted’ to be completed in the fall.

To celebrate the completion of this story arc, ‘The Road to New Orleans’ the plan is for a Hank and Lily collection of the 7 issues and their soundtrack albums all in one tidy, slick package. Of course ‘Dusted’ will have its own album, and will be a collection of some of our most popular unreleased songs, as well as a full set of new, avant-garde noise-rock anthems.

All very exciting, and worth mentioning.

May 16, 2014

Hank Pine’s new electronica band PINOS

I made this ‘magic-eye’ style poster for our big show at LuckyBar. Can you find the hidden image? Hint: it’s a cocknballs.

A home recording complete with laughing and heckling in the background. Why did we pick this song to record first? Because the chorus is the word ‘balls’ over n over. Easiest choice ever made!


Apr 10, 2014

The Tragical Comedy of Punch and Judy


I was recently commissioned to write a musical with award-winning playwright Jacob Richmond. I thought it might be nice to post some of the demos here so you can get a feel for what a great show this will be. Puppets, death, Hell, Revenge, Love, Beauty and did I mention puppets? A family show.
I will post more songs closer to the big reveal at
Caravan Farm Theatre in Armstrong, BC.

painting not by me. by ‘anotherdamian’